The aim of qnntpget is to create an easy to use interface to download multipart binaries from a usenet newsserver.

It currently uses Python 2.0 and PyQT 2.2 which are available from


You only need PyQT, not PyKDE. Beware that this is a quite a big compile. But if you're into Python and/or want to experiment with GUI then this is the thing.

If the stable version of qnntpget is good enough I might consider rewriting it to C++/KDE2 for Speeeeed :-)




see http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/qnntpget/

Why ?

Well since I discovered aviplay I like to watch an occasional divx. And they happen to be on my nearest news server ;-)


I've decided to package the whole thing and make a 0.1 release. The code is emberassing to say the least but getting an overview of binaries in a newsgroup and downloading them now seems to work. It's still far from complete, for more information see README and TODO.


The icons were borrowed from PAN (http://www.superpimp.org), if I have the time I will provide some orignal icons (although the the current icons do look good)
It wouldn't look as sexy if it didn't use PyQT, the excellent QT binding for Python from Phil Thompson
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